The First Significant Innovation in Refrigeration for 70 Years

Adande’s all new refrigeration is a UK invention. Patent protected and better than existing technology in all important aspects, it is getting great reviews from all users.

Not Rocket Science

Cold air is more dense than warm air. So Adande designed a fridge and freezer system that holds the cold air in insulated drawers. The unique design can be stacked up to three drawers high and can be located in any part of the kitchen. It keeps your food perfectly cool, even in the cookline. Adande drawers can be configured to replace practically all upright and undercounter fridges and freezers.


Drawer in Cutout

Less energy

A Simple Difference with Many Simple Benefits

Unique to Adande, and patented Worldwide, the use of insulated drawers ensures that cold air is retained when the refrigeration is opened. This is not the case in any other refrigeration that has drawers or doors. Watch the Cold Air Stays Invideo.

Unlike in other units, where air is forced around the cabinet, in an Adande Drawer cooled air is gently dropped onto the contents when the drawers are closed.

This simple difference in approach means that Adande Drawers are the only refrigeration that provides stable storage temperatures and a humidity controlled environment.

Even during frequent or prolonged drawer openings, the attack from high temperature ambient air is minimal.

Some of the Benefits are Obvious

  • The food stays at the temperature that it is meant to be kept at, giving more consistent serving and cooking results and increased storage life.
  • The risk of bacterial attack is significantly reduced. See food safety reports.
  • Less cold air needs to be replaced, giving lower energy bills, cooler kitchens, longer lasting fridge motors, compressors and so on.

Others are Less So


  • The drawer runners are external to the insulation, giving incredible strength which allows up to 40 kg of storage per drawer.
  • There is no freezing up of runners so each drawer can be used both as a fridge and as a freezer. Switch from one to the other from service to service or as menus and seasons change.
  • With one removable insulated tub, cleaning and hygiene maintenance is quick and easy.
  • Moist, warm kitchen air cannot attack the food, so when in freezer mode there are no ice crystals, no clumping and no freezer burn. Added benefits are longer lasting oil and reduced spitting from fryers.
  • In fridge mode it results in fresher food, fewer bacteria, no smells, no contamination and no soggy food.
  • Because the drawer seals are hidden they cannot be damaged saving repeated replacement and cost. We will even guarantee the seals for two years, unlike any other manufacturer.

But Don't Believe Us

We know that Adande units really are the best catering fridges or catering freezers, and the only truly sustainable refrigeration but the proof of the pudding is always in the eating. Some of the most discerning and cost conscious buyers in the industry have used and tested the design for years. They know that Adande refrigeration beats all others hands down and some will no longer buy anything else....

“I wouldn’t build another kitchen without one.” Jeff Galvin, La Chapelle

“I cannot recommend Adande Refrigerated Drawers enough; they have made our kitchen operations so much more efficient.” Raymond Patterson, Patterson's, Mayfair

“A unique and versatile product that any chef would be proud to have in their kitchen. Will Holland, La Bécasse, Ludlow

"We particularly wanted freezers with drawers to store our frozen fish and Adande is the only system where the cold air stays in the drawer with the food.” Naomi Tashiro, Yoshino

"To be honest, all I care about is that they keep the food cold and that they are easy to use. They are much better than conventional drawers and I would recommend them to other chefs." David Bryan, Jamie's Italian

“I did not believe the Adande units could be as good as they are! I would recommend them to other chefs.” Chris Bradley, Mr Underhill's, Ludlow

And if you are still not convinced please see the Case Studies of the benefits to our customers, theAwards from the industry or apply for a Free Survey and decide for yourself.