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Futureproof Your Kitchen, Save on Energy, Maintenance, Staff Costs and Food Waste

Cheaper to Own

Using less energy and requiring less maintenance, reducing food waste and inefficient working practices, with each unit usable as a fridge or a freezer, Adande units increase your profits and reduce your costs. See full details here..

Complete Flexibility

Future proof your kitchen with the ‘Lego brick’ type design of Adande Drawers combined with their operational flexibility.

Single Drawer


Two Stack

3 Stack

Allowing users to switch from fridge to freezer mode, Adande drawers facilitate menu and seasonal changes or allow the kitchen set up to be varied between a la carte and large function catering. Longer term, the entire kitchen refrigeration can reconfigured within the same footprint if required.

Environmentally Better

Less energy

Adande ‘ticks all the boxes’ for sustainability and carbon reduction in both fridge and freezer mode. Naturally it depends on how much a unit is used, but all tests show significant energy savings versus conventionally manufactured equipment. Savings are usually in excess of 40% with gains of up to 66% being achieved in many instances.

One 13 amp socket, with the power leads daisy chained together, is all that is required to supply up to 3 Adande Drawers.

The majority of any one of the Adande range of units is recyclable, unlike traditional refrigeration products that go into landfill at the end of their useful life.

Ergonomically Better

Adande Drawers represent ‘best in class’ refrigeration ergonomically - providing bulk storage at the point of use in hot busy kitchens, thereby reducing the need for chefs to go and fetch replacement stock during service.

The productivity benefits flowing from this design feature help caterers earn higher gross profit margins

Less Waste

Adande design prevents ambient air attack - virtually eliminating burn/clumping in freezer mode or condensation when in operating as a chiller - cuts down on spoilage and waste, making it easier to achieve the required food cost gross profit percentage.

Quick Payback

The capex payback period of the very real savings from the use of Adande Drawers varies, from as little as 3 months up to 3 years. The length of time will depend on energy and maintenance savings and the value ascribed by the caterer to the fundamentally important savings due to improved ergonomics, and reduced food spoilage and waste. Both of these tend to be either completely overlooked or downplayed in the equipment decision making process.

Most Importantly

Your chefs will love Adande units, your customers will get better food, your engineers will have fewer problems and your profits will increase.