Adande® Chef base units (VCR)

Energy Rating Per Drawer Module

VCR R2 R600a
Adande VCR R2 R600a Chef Base Units EU Energy rating

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VCR R1 R404AAdande VCR R1 R404a Chef Base Units EU Energy rating

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The new EU Eco design regulation will ensure that newly produced professional refrigerators and freezers will have to fulfil minimum energy efficiency requirements as of 1st July 2016.

This will make understanding energy efficiency much simpler for consumers and will accelerate the growing shift in the market toward sourcing more energy efficient products.

Adande Chef Base VCR

Hold The Cold

Upon opening, cold air remains with the food for unrivalled temperature control.

Fridge to Freezer. Each drawer is switchable in minutes. Accurate and stable at any Temperature. (-22°C to +15°C)

Efficient & Sustainable

Less temperature recovery as cold air remains with the food.

Saves Energy.

Suitable for refurbishment.

Less Waste

Superior temperature control keeps food fresher for longer.

Easy access simplifies inventory management.

Applications Operational Benefits
  • Bulk storage at point-of-use
  • Chef Base plus standard Heat Shield
  • Choice of worktop heights
  • Robust equipment drawers
  • In-range cassette drawers
  • Holds set temp point in hot kitchens
  • Hot or Cool cook-line applications
  • Flexibility: works as fridge or freezer
  • Blast chiller option also available
  • Reliable: amazing temperature stability
  • Green: extremely energy efficient
  • Cuts food wastage
    - Food does not dehydrate
    - No freezer burn or ice crystals
    - No condensation on the food
  • Ergonomically efficient
  • Minimal maintenance costs
  • Quick and easy to clean
  • Robust and reliable

Chef Bases with heat shield (HS) worktops are designed to accommodate hot cooking equipment, and withstand temperatures up to 200°C

Chef Bases can be supplied with a variety of castors and rollers to achieve specific worktop heights and cooking equipment weight loadings.

These units can also be fitted with fixed frames (FF) where a particular worktop finished height between 590 and 900 mm is required.

Dimensions | Elevation & Plan View

Adande Chef Base (VCR) Dimensions

Dimensions based on VCR1/HCHS (High Castors)

Storage Capacity Per Drawer: 4 x 1/1 GN Pans 100mm Deep or equivalent


Top and Base | Worktops and Castors

(HS) - Heatshield protects unit tops exposed to temperatures up to 200°c

High castors
High Castors

Standard Castors
Standard Castors

Locking Roller Base
Locking Roller Base

Small Locking Rollers
Small Locking Rollers

Fixed Frame

Finished Height & Load Bearing Weight with Heat Shield (HS)

616 mm
235 kg



545 mm
300 kg


501 mm
285 kg


491 mm
285 kg


590-900 mm

235 kg


Tested to Climate Class 4 (30°C and 55% relative humidity) for temperature and energy consumption.
Tested to Climate Class 5 (40°C and 40% relative humidity) for temperature.
MAINS: 230 Vac 50 Hz also 60 Hz available.