A Fresh Approach to Retail Refrigeration

Aircell® is a unique and patented air flow management system, developed for open front refrigerated multi deck display cabinets. The technology delivers operational and performance benefits to food retailers.

Cabinets incorporating Aircell® technology are currently undergoing in store trials at the new Tesco eco supermarket in Lincoln.

Aircell® has been designed to:

  • Reduce energy consumption to meet the CRC challenge
  • Cut energy costs
  • Improve the shopping experience
  • Prolong the quality and appearance of perishable food

Aircell® Improving the Shopping Experience

Cold aisle syndrome is the chilly and often uncomfortable temperature experienced by shoppers in the refrigerated departments of supermarkets and convenience stores.

It is caused largely by the spillage of cold air from refrigerated, open front multi deck food display cabinets. Many retailers recognise that cold aisle syndrome can compromise the shopping experience. Aircell® has smaller cells, with greater integrity of the shorter air curtains, resulting in less chilled air spillage from the cabinet. This in turn will reduce cold aisle syndrome.Aircell

  • Refrigerated aisle temperatures in leading supermarkets measured at up to 6.5oC lower than the store ambient
  • Aircell® reduces chilled air spillage from the cabinet, limiting the impact of cold aisle syndrome
  • Improving the shopping experience for customers
  • Providing a more comfortable working environment for supermarket employees
  • Eliminating the need for costly heating regimes and cold air retrieval systems to temper the chill factor

How it Works

Aircell® is a unique and patented air flow management system, designed for open front refrigerated multi deck cabinets.

The technology may be incorporated within new cabinets, retrofitted to existing cabinets or fitted as part of a refurbishment. Aircell® divides the merchandising envelope into separate cells between shelves. The smaller cells have a shorter air column and independent management of air movement, resulting in less pressure on the air curtain of each cell and a substantial reduction in cold air spillage.

  • Shorter air column for greater integrity of the air curtain
  • Reduced cold air spillage from the cabinet
  • Less warm air infiltration into the case
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Elimination of back panel flow, promoting temperature stability and product loading flexibility

Aircell® Reducing Energy Consumption

The Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) Energy Saving Scheme has mandatory monitoring and pricing implications for operators using more than 6,000 MWh of electricity per year.

The scheme is having a significant impact on supermarkets, where refrigeration may account for up to 50% of energy usage. Refrigerated display equipment represents an area in which significant savings may be made. Independent tests have proven that Aircell® delivers substantial reductions in energy consumption.Adande Aircell

  • 30% less energy consumption compared with conventional open front, refrigerated multi deck display cases
  • Substantial savings in energy costs
  • Meeting the Carbon Reduction Commitment
  • Reducing the carbon footprints of supermarkets
  • Stable holding temperatures for greater efficiency

Aircell® Prolonging the Quality of Perishable Food

Independent tests have demonstrated that Aircell® delivers more accurate holding temperatures, maintaining the quality and appearance of chilled food over longer periods, compared with conventional open front refrigerated multi deck cases.

Under laboratory conditions, over a twenty four hour test period, a display cabinet modified with the Aircell® system exhibited a temperature fluctuation of just 2.8oC, whilst the conventional case had an 11oC variation.

  • Maintaining food at optimum quality
  • Prolonging the acceptable appearance of perishable food
  • Reducing the volume of food thrown away due to product deterioration
  • Limiting the amount of food cost discounted due to unacceptable appearance