Adande featured in 'Foodservice Consultant' magazine supplying the American Club in Hong Kong.

'The cold storage solution came from manufacturer Adande, which provides a range of catering and restaurant refrigeration products based on its innovative technology - the insulated Adande drawer. The technology is based on the principle that cold air is denser than warm air. The system holds the cold air in insulated drawers that can be located anywhere in the kitchen - even in the cookline - and keep food perfectly cool.

Adande drawers can be configured to replace almost all upright and under-counter fridges and freezers. No cold air is pushed around the unit, so less energy is consumed. With precise temperature control at one-degree intervals from -22c to +15c the units offer versatility, as well as energy efficiency and easy maintenance. "Josh has said the units have changed the way the kitchen operates and have cut clean down time in half," says Paul Harper, international sales director for Adande. "The venue is in an amazing location and the views are mind-blowing. Paul at Tricon was familiar with our technology-driven product and getting into this kind of fabulous venue is what we need to do."

"We needed updated, modern and more efficient equipment to improve energy efficiency and workflow," says Goetz. "Paul from Tricon suggested Adande units and we were amazed by the efficiency. We now have 18 of them. Through their energy efficiency they pay for themselves. They make it easier for chefs to cook better food, so we are only limited by our imagination."










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