A+ for Chefs at the Restaurant Show!

A+ for Chefs at the Restaurant Show!

With The Restaurant Show 3 - 5 October 2016, Adande will have the opportunity to showcase its NEW A+ Fridge (Stand GK41), as well as the privilege of sponsoring refrigeration equipment for the National Chef of the Year and Young National Chef of the Year event for the 4th year running.

Karl Hodgson, UK Sales Director, is proud of Adande’s commitment to the event:

“As the UK’s most prestigious and respected culinary contest, The National Chef of the Year and Young National Chef of the Year competition shines a spotlight on the profession, and it’s been our pride and pleasure to see winners reaching the top of their profession through hard work and innovation.  Some previous winners, Alyn Williams, Hayden Groves, and Russell Bateman, for instance, have been or are customers of Adande.   Adande is also proud to be Membership Sponsor for The Craft Guild of Chefs, and the equipment provided in the NCOTY competition kitchens carries the prestigious Shine a Little Brighter product endorsement badge having been tested to their standards by a Guild chef.”

Adande appears also to be league leader in the EU Energy Labelling Directive which came into force on 1 July this year, with their aptly named NEW A+ (Hydrocarbon) Fridge (available in both side and rear engine model configurations.) At the time of writing, (July 2016) Adande know of no other commercially available refrigerated drawer that publishes an A+ rated label.

Adande, of course, are known for their leading edge refrigerated drawer products that operate within a ‘fridge to freezer’ temperature range from -22°C to +15°C, but in this case the A+ Fridge is solely designed for refrigeration (0°C to +15°C) with a label testifying to its rated efficiency (correlated to the class, annual energy consumption in kWh, net volume, temperature and humidity) associated with stringent EU testing standard (prEN16825:2015), and was independently tested to confirm the result with RD&T (Refrigeration Development and Testing Ltd).

The A+ Fridge benefits too from patented ‘Hold the Cold’ technology and uses Hydrocarbon refrigerant - offering superior temperature stability that significantly cuts food wastage by minimising dehydration and condensation. Independent respected test facilities testify that Adande technology is fundamentally different and has clear performance advantages and dramatic food quality preservation too. Stable temperatures are critical to prolonging the shelf life of food!

The beneficial ergonomic efficiency combined with an easy to clean regime makes it attractive to both kitchen staff and the operator.  

Karl Hodgson, remarked: “Customers are often surprised when we tell them that an Adande drawer is typically Fridge and Freezer combined, but there are still customers who would prefer a ‘refrigeration only’ option, and we are innovating with this in mind.  This energy efficient model is sure to please the operator in achieving monetary savings and meeting their waste reduction, sustainability and corporate responsibility targets. It is priced at the same level as a regular Adande unit.” 

 “2016 will see the A+ Fridge being showcased on our stand by our knowledgeable Sales Team at a range of trade shows around the UK and Europe.  Interested customers can either view details of the A+ Fridge on our website, or contact our Customer Service Team who will be happy to assist them in providing detailed specs, pricing and ordering.” Says Hodgson.

Of particular interest on the stand (GK41), will be the combination of the Shallow Drawer together with a Blast Chill Drawer below, giving the operator a superb 3-in-1 solution to cook (on the load bearing worktop), blast chill and hold contents in one conveniently small footprint. No other refrigeration offers such convenience and flexibility, not least from a trusted modular range that can be as distinctive as your operation. 

Why not talk to Adande’s informed Sales Team specialists who can advise not only on the true ‘Hold the Cold’ technological differences, but also in reaping ongoing benefits (especially when equated to similar looking models on the market today that just cannot compare – (Adande has already published statements comparing technology with Foster Flex Drawers (June 16) with previous results from Precision and Electrolux models published previously).  Sales personnel can also advise wisely on the permutations and bespoke arrangements that take the worry out of committing budgets and choosing the best solution avoiding those costly mistakes too.

And, if you’re not convinced already, consider asking for a trial – so many do, and that’s why Chefs love Adande!

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