Energy Comparison - Contract Catering

Energy Comparison - Contract Caterer

An existing upright chiller and 2 Adande Drawers were used in a live kitchen environment in a metered test to record energy consumption and temperature stability. Energy meters and temperature recorders were placed on the existing unit and Adande unit for a period of 1 month and operated under similar conditions and loadings.

Temperature Stability

The chart shows that the Adande Drawer maintained the set point at 3°C even during busy service periods, whereas the existing unit's temperature goes up to 10°C.

Adande Unit  
Adande Unit Adande Temp Chart
Existing Door Upright  
Existing Unit Existing Temp Chart

Forecast Annual Savings

The Adande unit provided energy savings of 67.6% operating in chiller mode against the existing upright cabinet.

In this one application the yearly saving of the Adande unit would be equivalent to:

  • Annual Energy saving 1,500 kWhrs
  • Annual CO2 reduction of 816 kg
  • Cost reduction of £117 pa at an average 7.8 pence per kWhr
  • Cost reduction of £150 pa at an average 10.0 pence per kWhr

Energy Use Comparison Between Existing (left) and Adande Unit (Right)