Tête Pressée, Bruges

Pieter Lonneville 31, is the talented young chef of the restaurant Tête Pressée in Bruges

Pieter LonnevillePieter has won the Golden Palm for best value restaurant concept in Belgium 2010. All self-prepared is the motto; where the raw materials are natural, fresh and unprocessed.

Pieter started his career learning with Stefaan Couttenye in the Hommelhof Sergio Herman of Oud Sluis.

After spending one year in Iceland Pieter became chief of the White Raven. In July 2009 he opened his own business: Tête Pressée.

During lunch and evening events customers can see Pieter in the open kitchen from the dining table, an great opportunity to see how all the food is prepared for the customer.


Pieter, What does Adande mean for you and your restaurant?

"Before I started my restaurant I already knew what I wanted, some Adande Refrigeration drawers under my worktop. It's simply a must have object in your kitchen. I have had very little maintenance on the Adande since the opening of the restaurant. It allows me to be very organized during the sometimes hellish dinner periods when I need to access my ingredients quickly and efficiently. I fill the drawer with my mise en place." 

What does Adande do for your food?

"I can say that the Adande provides a huge advantage for the life of your products. My produce lasts much longer because the quality is extended by the constant temperature. I've never used a better a refrigerator or freezer, it's amazing how the temperature remains constant even with the drawer open! When working with the Adande it's clear to see that it's a unique piece of equipment. Adande comes to you with a never again." 

In a word, how would you describe Adande?

"We have no bad words about Adande, it's top"

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For enquiries in Belgium please see www.adande.be

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