Hostellerie Savarin

"Adande offers me the opportunity to diversity!"

Just outside the town of Roeselare, surrounded by a beautiful garden, The Savarin Hostelry offers its customers a rich gastronomy.

Jan Deceuninck

Chef Jan Deceuninck gained his experience in the most renowned kitchens, and for 30 years has been developing menus inspired by the creative and innovative food culture of Savarin.

What do you think of the Adande?

"The cool Adande drawer is the dream of every chef. It is a device that offers great diversity in the kitchen. I can now operate much easier because I know my food is being stored at the perfect temperature inside the Adande.

I do not have to worry about my pre-cut fish or meat suffering from dehydration or discoloration because the Adande simply doesn't allow it. This is very important if you cook for a number of people because everyone gets the same quality plate. My Adande is easily transportable and ideal to take on catering, I enjoy the way you can organize your own departments within the Adande drawer.

Would you recommend it to other chefs?

"I think the Adande is something that every chef needs to buy."

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