Hwyel Jones at Lucknam Park

Lucknam has one of the original four-drawer Adande units, which have built up a fierce loyalty from their users.

Hwyel Jones

“The Adande was one of my first purchases here. It ticked all the boxes and the fact that it could operate as fridge, freezer and blast chiller was ideal as we are not gifted with space.

“They sent me some literature and I saw a couple of units in use and that confirmed my view. We use the Adande predominantly in the pastry section.” 

Two drawers in Lucknam’s Adande are set to freezer mode, another is fridge and the fourth acts as a full time blast chiller. The freezer is set to -8 degC for serving sorbets, ice creams and parfaits. 
Lucknam Park Drawer
“Usually by the end of service you start to notice you are losing temperature, but the Adande holds perfectly.” 

Hywel Jones was originally recommended Adande by FCSI kitchen design consultants Sterling Foodservice Design, who designed the kitchen at Lucknam Park.

“I am totally impressed,” says Hywel. “I guarantee that with a conventional fridge, once it is out of warranty you would be calling for repairs due to leaking gas. It was six years before anything major went wrong with the Adande, which is very good considering the amount of use we give it.

“The support and back-up is incredible. Whenever anything has gone wrong, they turn up if not that day, the next, to fix it. 

“Do they still make these anymore?” 

Adande’s original four drawer unit was replaced in 2006 by a modular system based on single drawers. These increase design flexibility and can be used as is, incorporated into ranges, fish prep stations or other structures, or stacked into two or three drawer units. A four drawer unit can be built from single drawers but the original four drawer unit has been discontinued.
Lucknam Park
Hywel is Executive Chef at The Park restaurant and The Brasserie at Lucknam Park Hotel & Spa.

Since his appointment in 2004, Hywel has successfully raised the standards of the cuisine to a level that has resulted in numerous accolades including a Michelin star.


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