Patterson's, Mayfair


Adande Refrigeration at Patterson's Restaurant, Mayfair

A busy chef needs his fridges, freezers and blast chillers to be user friendly, efficient and easy to clean and maintain. Raymond Patterson, Chef Patron of Patterson's Restaurant in Mayfair speaks about the Adande equipment he uses in his restaurant ... 

In my experience, Adande Refrigerated Drawer units meet those requirements. Their fridge-freezer drawers are well designed, with clear control panels and are easy to move around to suit changes in kitchen layout. The Adande Drawer system is more user friendly than traditional door opening fridges because there is no bending down to try and see what is lurking at the back, nor do you get any frayed or detached door seal problems. 

With my Adande units, the opposite applies, the drawers being deceptively spacious, making it really easy to find and select stored produce. On my 2 Stack Drawer unit, the solid stainless worktop has proved invaluable wherever it is located in the kitchen. Finally, the overall design is well thought out, with no bad edges or wires and pipes hanging out of the back of the drawer units. 

I cannot recommend Adande Refrigerated Drawers enough; they have made our kitchen operations so much more efficient.”



Pattersons 2Raymond Patterson 
Chef Patron 
Patterson's Restaurant, Mayfair, London

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