Mr Underhill's, Ludlow

Mr Underhill's, Ludlow

Mr Underhill's is the renowned Michelin Star restaurant in Ludlow, Shropshire. Owners Judy and Chris Bradley, moved from East Anglia in 1997 and opened the 'restaurant with rooms', which serves about 30 covers per sitting.

Mr Underhill'sIn 2007 Chris introduced a 'two stack' Adande Drawer unit with worktop into the patisserie section of his compact kitchen. He uses the drawers as freezers but adjusts the temperature of each drawer to match his desert menu, which includes ices, sorbets, parfaits and granitas. 

The way the drawer holds the cold air inside even when opened is unique, in his experience.

“I did not believe the Adande units could be as good as they are! I would recommend them to other chefs.”

Head Chef & Owner - Chris Bradley 

The features of the Adande Drawers that Chris values most in his kitchen are the ability to vary the temperature of each drawer, the stability of temperature, even with the drawer open and the combination of this flexibility with easy open access below a worktop.

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Chris finds the Adande Drawers and Pacojet processor have proved to be an excellent combination. Adande Drawer units have also improved his business performance by reducing waste with the exceptional deserts he creates for his guests and also by increasing efficiency within the kitchen.


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