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Consistency Helps Montagu Increase 'Window of Opportunity'

"It wasn't until I actually had the Adande in the kitchen that I realised what it could do" states Matthew Tomkinson, Head Chef of The Montagu Arms Hotel in Beaulieu, Hampshire ...

Montagu Arms

Matthew was the winner of the 'Win an Adande Chef Base' competition in the 29 January issue of Caterer & Hotelkeeper's Buy It! magazine. 

"I am not just saying this because we won it," says Matthew, "but it is stunning. The greatest quality is that you can just forget about it.

Amazing Temperature Control

"The Adande just ticks away at 0.2 °C or just above zero, but the food inside does not freeze up. This is the thing that most amazed me - that it runs so close to zero but does not actually freeze - much tighter temperature control than a normal refrigerator. Montagu Arms 3

"Supercold is the key. When colder, seafood is easier to prep and the food itself lasts longer and stays at the peak of condition for longer. This consistency increases our window of opportunity." 

New cold rooms for storing meat had only just been installed at the back of the kitchen when the Adande arrived. All 'hot eating' seafood is kept in the Adande, making for an ideal separation of meat and fish. 

"We leave seafood uncovered in the Adande, for service. It does not dry out because there is no cold air rushing out every time you open the drawer."

Consistent Food Quality - You Can Rely on Adande

"Things you can rely on mean a lot to you as a chef, because you work with them every day. During the summer, the Adande sat under a big old-fashioned steak grill, but the temperature didn't budge. It's easy and takes only minutes to clean. 

"If I owned a place, I would fill it with Adande drawers. Consistency of food quality 'on the plate' is most important for the customers. Whatever I can do to create a more consistent environment will help push us forward." 

The Montagu has two restaurants - the One Michelin Star Terrace Restaurant and Monty's Brasserie. They are run by a team of 10 chefs, including a dedicated team of three who cater for Monty's and a pastry chef who provides for both restaurants.

Reduced Energy Consumption too!

Adande technology cuts energy consumption compared with conventional units and this saves cost as well being more sustainable. 

"The Montagu was a winner of a Silver Award from The Green Business Tourism Scheme - sustainability is something the company cares about," says Matthew. 

"With operating costs rising higher and higher, any reductions we can make in kitchen running costs are good for the business. You have got to keep pushing to stay ahead."

The Adande has Caused a Rethink about Refrigeration

The unexpected addition to The Montagu's kitchen equipment caused a welcome headache. There was unfortunately no available space near the griddles or range, so for the moment, the Adande Chef Base is tucked under a worktop. 
Montagu Arms 2
Induction will most likely be introduced in the future, to boost efficiency, and Matthew would love to have four two-drawer Adande units installed, using the top drawers for service. 

Winning the Caterer competition and working with the new Adande Chef Base has caused a rethink about refrigeration. 

"This is a very old fashioned industry in many ways and I love many aspects of that, but when it comes to technology, it needs to move forward. 

Normal fridges are old technology - nothing has changed for years. It must be more efficient to have six Adande units than one big cold room. 

"I am impressed by every encounter with Adande. Even the guys who delivered the unit were so proud of the craftsmanship and quality - you could see that by the care they took to bring it in, and they didn't leave until it came down to temperature."

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