Adande Refrigeration in the Harbour Inn's Kitchen

The Harbour Inn is a pretty little pub and seafood restaurant with great views of Southwold's busy harbour. It offers a warm and friendly welcome all year round, a decent pint of Adnams and boasts a restaurant serving locally caught fish.

Colin and Kate Fraser - proprietors of the Harbour Inn

The Harbour Inn's four drawer Adande refrigeration unit has been installed since 2003.  We asked Colin Fraser, chef and landlord, to give his views on Adande ownership ...

Colin revealed that the Adande helps his restaurant kitchen turn out between 500 and 550 covers on busy days during the high season using one less member of staff than with his previous refrigeration equipment.

The restaurant kitchen gets very hot in the summer.  The Adande keeps food cool and well separated ensuring that there can be no risk of food poisoning.

Adande's Refrigerator is popular with Colin and his chefs

The Adande Refrigeration unit has been popular with both Colin and his chefs.  It saves Colin money in energy and pub restaurant staff costs, and the chefs love the Adande's usability.

"The nice thing is that because the Adande has individual drawers we can divide everything up.  We can put rawmeats in one drawer and cooked products in another and as you open a drawer you can see everything straight away whereas if you have everything in a fridge, you have to move things around to get to other products. With the Adande you can put your hands straight on what you need"

From fridge to freezer at the flick of a switch

Sous chef in Harbour Inn kitchen with Adande refrigeration unit

The Adande refrigerator's ability to perform either as a fridge or freezer has also rescued Colin from disaster when other units have failed.

Colin explained how the Adande can quickly be changed from fridge to freezer at the flick of a switch ...

"When we have a freezer that has broken down, the nice thing is that we can just take the products out of one or two of the Adande's refrigerated drawers, turning the drawers into a freezer in minutes so it has been very flexible in those types of emergency"

Stable temperatures guarantee food quality in the restaurant

Temperature stability is another big advantage that Adande refrigeration units give to pub and restaurant owners over traditional fridges and freezers.

Colin continues ...

"There are a lot of drawer fridges on the market but none that actually hold the temperature inside the container ... normally cold drops out when you pull open the fridge drawers when you open an Adande drawer, you get maybe a one degree fluctuation in temperature. As soon as you close the drawer the unit is back to set temperature within seconds ..."

Better kitchen workflow means lower staff requirements

Colin pulls a pint at the Harbour Inn's barColin noted that the kitchen was calmer with the Adande refrigerator in place.  As it sits in the cookline, less staff movements are required.  This ultimately means that fewer people are needed to staff the kitchen ...

"We've actually saved on labour ... we used to have extra seasonal staff to do the running around, but because the Adande refrigerator stops that we have reduced the number of staff needed in the kitchen ..."

Colin went on to say that the Adande has been completely reliable in the 6 years that he has had it. He has recommended Adande's refrigeration products to other chefs and restaurant owners in the past and says that he will continue to do so in the future.

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