Nincomsoup - The Global Soup Kitchen

Nincomsoup was founded by two brothers, Ben and Tom Page-Phillips, to provide an alternative to the big brand name fast food outlets.


A casual diner specialising in global soups - "with more than 80 different soups you can literally taste your way around the world!"..the menu includes six categories of soup - poultry, meat, fish, cheese, pulse and vegetable.

Let the ladling begin

Nincomsoups are:-
Made from scratch and cooked at low temperature (in a Hackman Metos Culimix cooking kettle which does the stirring as well) to preserve nutrients.
Very low fat and under seasoned.
Available in vegetarian, vegan, wheat and glutenfree options.

Also baked daily are cookies, cakes, cornbreads and oven toasted cereals.

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Power to your ladleNincomsoup 2

"In the early years we ran Nincomsoup using paper based systems. Later we adopted computerised desktop software and now we run our business totally in the cloud," says Ben Page-Phillips. "So when the walk-in refrigeration started playing up, Adande's high-tech advanced drawers attracted.

"The energy savings and ability to control the temperature of each individual drawer has saved us time and again. When our walk-in fridge or freezer goes down we use our Adande's to minimise stock loss. It's the attention to detail that sets them apart.

"We have three different generations of their units and have noticed how they have constantly improved their product.

"Our Adande's touch most elements of the business, from the blast chilling of soups, to storing frozen fruit for smoothie production.

They act as workbenches for sandwich production and as back-up freezers or chillers when our walk-ins go down.

"We're so fond of our 2 Drawer Adande's that they all have names - Adam & Eve, Bonny & Clyde, Romeo & Juliet, Bill & Ben and the big four drawer unit we simply call the Antarctic model."

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