Appointment with Ajay Barak - Group Exec Chef

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Ilkley, Yorkshire

Number of Group Restaurants:


Number of Adande Drawers:

8 at Ilkley

Location of Adande Drawers:

Cookline - The Pass - Larder Prep - Dessert Station

What refrigeration problems have you experienced in the past?

“ We’ve experienced all the usual problems that chefs have to tolerate - broken seals, compressor failures, blocked condensers and high ambient temperatures, especially when the kitchens are busy ”

Has Adande solved these problems?

“ Adande Seals are hidden so can’t be snagged or pulled, but we still have easy access to the condensers for cleaning - it’s a genius design, having the condenser grill inside the drawer and not at the back. I cannot comment on compressor reliability as we’ve not had them here long enough, but because the cold air does not fall out of our Adande Drawers, we’ve noticed the compressors do not run as much ”

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How important is Temperature Stability?

“ This is the most beneficial thing with Adande - you can guarantee the temperature stability because the cold air has nowhere to go in the insulated box! Having stable temperatures in the drawers has helped reduce stock waste - that’s been a really big plus ”

Where has Adande been most effective?

“ Definitely under the Combi - previously there was just a stand, but now we have an Adande unit to store the food, before or after cooking, as required. Holding stock directly under the Combi has saved time, fetching product from elsewhere in the kitchen - now we have bulk storage at the point of use. Also, being able to switch our Adande Drawers from fridge to freezer - that's what I call flexibility ”


Would you recommend Adande?“

Yes, one hundred percent, for all the reasons I’ve given”

Ajay comments…“ The key to success for Le Bistrot Pierre is good customer service and being able to set up our sections ready for service. The quality of the food we serve must be spot on - having Adande Refrigeration makes this possible. Most chefs forget that, when chilled foods are delivered, the first place they hit are your fridges - if these are not performing, the knock on effects can be serious ”

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