Better refrigeration for food

Because it is not exposed to variations in temperature, or attack from moist kitchen air, food stored in an Adande will last longer, cook more consistently and will look, smell and taste better.

Regular door fridges tend to promote “off” odours as moisture is deposited on the surface of ingredients each time the door is opened. All life requires water and the microbes that produce unpleasant smells and ruin food are no exception. With Adande the cold air does not fall out so the moisture cannot come in to feed the microbes. That’s why food lasts longer and stays fresher in an Adande.

Food quality and safety are dependent on the maintenance of stable temperatures throughout the cold chain. From the farm to the plate, in the past the weakest link has often been in commercial kitchen fridges & freezers. Adande's patented design ensures that cold air is retained on opening and therefore temperatures are kept at the ideal level.

Low Velocity

Low Velocity Cooling Minimises Dehydration

In conventional equipment fans are needed to 'throw' the cold air around the cabinet to attempt to eliminate hot spots where stored food gets block the airflow. Adande drawers can be completely full, leaving no apparent air gaps, and they will still function perfectly with cold air falling evenly all around the food.

Perfect for Any Food

Adande technology allows chefs to optimise the storage temperature for all types of food, in a range from 15°C to minus 22°C.

The ability to hold each food type at its specific, ideal temperature further improves its quality & shelf life. Once cooked, food that has been stored correctly holds its colour much better, thereby enhancing the visual appeal of the dish.

Adande Drawers provide an easy and convenient means for compartmentalising ingredients for efficient organisation of products, hygiene separation, and to prevent cross contamination of odours. So the delicate pastry dessert need never carry a fish odour.

Seafood likes AdandeSeafood

Adande Drawers are the ideal substitute for the expensive 'wet fish keep'. The quality and shelf life of seafood is extremely sensitive to temperature variation which is why chefs like using Adande Drawers for fish storage.

Thanks to the low velocity cooling system, seafoods do not suffer dehydration in Adande Drawers so fish does not need to be covered in ice.

Perfect for Pastry Chefs

In fine dining restaurants a popular use for Adande is in the pastry department.

Adande's ability to hold temperature at precisely minus 12°C throughout a busy service transforms the quality of ice creams and sorbets. No need to chisel away at the start of service at rock hard ice cream which then runs off the plates by the end. No need to constantly dip the ice cream scoop in warm dirty water, just perfect product at the perfect serving temperature and consistency, every time.

The low velocity cooling, with cold air not forced by fans but dropping onto the food, eliminates the dehydrating impact on the quality of delicate items like pastries.

And Pasta Too

Fresh pasta, which is notoriously difficult to refrigerate, often sticks together then breaks on cooking, keeps much better in an Adande's controlled environment.

Reduced Spoilage and Waste

The replacement of cold air with warm, damp kitchen air in conventional units leads to ice crystals forming and freezer burn in freezers. It leads to condensation in chillers. Bacteria thrive on the oxygen and water leading to spoiling of food and potential health risks.

Frozen product and cooking oil must be at the required temperature for best results - chips with freezer burn spit fat from the fryer. Any food that is not deep frozen will contaminate the oil.

The many quick service groups and franchisees who have installed Adande Drawers are reaping the benefits day after day. Better quality food, longer lasting oil and less frequent floor cleaning are just a few of the advantages.