Competing against 150 other equipment products, the new 450mm wide Adande Compact undercounter refrigeration unit has been shortlisted for the Hotelympia Innovation Awards 2012.

Hotelympia Shortlist

Hotelympia is the UK’s leading exhibition for the catering industry, occupying much of the enormous Excel exhibition centre in London’s docklands. The Innovation Awards are judged by industry professionals and are recognised as a prestigious and highly credible recognition of excellence. The winner will be announced on Monday February 27th.

“Given that Hotelympia highlights equipment innovations from all over Europe, the Far East and the USA, we are gratified that the Hotelympia judges have recognised the ingenuity and ‘fitness for purpose’ of this new Adande product,” said Adande Chairman Nigel Bell.

“The Compact is designed to suit high turnover foodservice such as fast food chains, busy restaurants and event or stadia catering. It has been developed with input from leading fast food chains industry experts and delivers substantial improvements over conventional refrigeration, including much tighter temperature stability.

“This in itself, extends food shelf life to the extent that catering operators are looking to change their working practices regarding the storage of fresh and frozen food to take into account the benefits of our new technology.”  
Sitting beside prime cooking equipment including griddles, chargrills or fryers, right in the heart of the cookline, the Adande Compact brings Adande's chilled or frozen storage within arm’s reach of the chef or cook, speeding up service, saving staff time and ensuring the most consistent cooking results.

Faster Service

Compact with Chef

Service will be faster because ice cream, burgers, chops, steaks, chicken or ribs are held within arm’s reach. Staff are more productive because no time is wasted crossing the kitchen to fetch items from a fridge.

Better Cooking

Cooking is more consistent. Because cold air does not fall out when the Compact’s insulated fridge or freezer drawer is opened, this ensures the most consistent temperature control, which also ensures more consistent cooking because all food products remain at the set temperature throughout service. Temperatures on the drawer can be changed to suit meat, fish, ice cream or to suit daily ‘specials’.


Fitted with castors, the Compact is easy for one person to move around and to transport frozen and chilled food to events etc. Correctly packed, the Compact will hold temperature - unplugged - for several hours during transportation.

Dimensions: Variable height 845mm-900mm.
Width: 450mm
Depth: 800mm (closed) 1540 (fully open)

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