Shortlisted for Four RAC Cooling Awards

Adande is the first foodservice refrigeration equipment manufacturer to be shortlisted in four separate categories of the UK industry awards

The 8th annual RAC Cooling Industry Awards, hosted by Refrigeration and Air Conditioning magazine, highlight the leading technical innovations and environmental successes driving the sector.

We are pleased to announce that Adande has been shortlisted for four awards:

Environmental Pioneer of the Year

Adande's Managing Drector, Ian Wood, inventor of the Adande concept and who has now applied his expertise in energy saving to the retail market is recognised for his substantial contribution to the cause of environmentally friendlier refrigeration.

Munch Buggy Mobile 2

Refrigeration Product of the Year

For the ‘Munch Buggy’ battery powered vehicle, designed by Cooper8 and incorporating Adande’s low-energy technology.

The innovative Munch Buggy (Refrigeration Product of the Year category). Munch Buggy is a mobile battery powered vehicle used by the National Trust to sell ice creams and drinks. 

Designed and developed by foodservice designer Cooper8, Munch Buggy uses Adande’s energy-efficient refrigeration to ensure the unit can operate for a whole day without recharging. 

For further information please see our Cooper8's website:


The aircell™ Retail Display Cabinet is Shortlisted for Two Important Awards.

Aircell 2

Refrigeration Innovation of the Year

The aircell™ cabinet was developed jointly by Adande and Alan Nuttall

This award recognises cutting edge products, processes and technologies in refrigeration, where the new technology provides a definitive change to existing techniques or equipment.

Shortlisting recognises the innovation that the aircell™ cabinet brings to the refrigeration marketplace.

Environmental Collaboration of the Year

This category rewards partnerships across the supply chain where collaboration has resulted in an innovative or outstanding achievement.

Four leaders in their respective fields created a new approach to retail food display. Significantly cutting energy use and providing a stable and consistent temperature across the display shelving the aircell™ cabinet was developed jointly by Adande and Alan Nuttall in collaboration with Hawco and ECH Engineering.

Inclusion in Shortlist Recognises Adande's Contribution

“The shortlist recognises that Adande technologies are among the most technically innovative in the UK and that we are driving change in the key areas of concern for our industry and society in general,” says Adande Chairman Nigel Bell.

“We are especially delighted to have been shortlisted for both ‘Environmental’ awards. Adande Refrigeration founded, by Ian Wood, Adande MD, operates on the very principle of improving the sustainability of commercial refrigeration. We believe the aircell™ technology will bring major energy savings and performance improvements to retail refrigeration, as our insulated drawer technology has done for the catering sector.”

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