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Stoddart LogoFinally, refrigerated drawers that keep the cold air in

Adande refrigerated drawers have been released to much fanfare in Australia.

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Unveiled by Stoddart at the largest food service event of the year, the 27th edition of the Fine Foods Australia Exhibition held in Sydney in September 2011, the Adande refrigerated drawer system added another award to its ever-growing list, picking up the best new hospitality equipment product.

With the judges commenting that Adande drawers, “take refrigeration technology and turn it on its head”, the industry word-of-mouth is already growing. Standing proudly in front of Stoddart’s 9 x 15m stand, any of the 23,000 audience members passing by couldn’t help but notice it’s presence. 

With 2 double stacked units also being heavily relied upon in Stoddart’s fully functioning demonstration kitchen, no one could fault its obvious effectiveness.

“It’s great to be able to add another award winning brand to Stoddart’s stable of best-in-class products. We look forward to making the product a huge success in the Australian market”, stated Tony Stoddart, the General Manager at Stoddart Foodservice Equipment.

For further information on Adande in Australia, contact:

Bryan Petersen, Adande Product Manager
Stoddart Food Service Equipment

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