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The Company

Based in Lowestoft, Suffolk, Applied Design and Engineering (Adande) was founded by Ian Wood and George Young as an HVAC engineering consultancy specialising in industrial ventilation, refrigeration and air conditioning for the offshore oil, gas and petrochemical industries.

The Adande Refrigerated Drawer system was the brainchild of the two consulting design engineers who were frequently asked by chefs working on North Sea oil & gas rigs to provide fridges and freezers that would hold temperature. With staff on the rigs being fed day and night, the fridge & freezer doors were in constant use. With chefs working 24/7, the problem of cold air falling out on each door opening was leading to food spoiling and being thrown out - a very expensive hobby for any caterer!

The co-founders of Applied Design and Engineering Ltd (brand name ‘Adande’) thought through this problem, coming up with a patented solution that has evolved into today’s Adande Refrigerated Drawer - a modular unit that has now proven itself with caterers in all segments of the market.

The Adande Refrigerated Drawer has won various awards, for innovation and sustainability. It is one of a number of innovative refrigeration designs which provide superior cold storage conditions, using less energy, than traditional refrigeration designs.

Working with customers and development partners on refrigeration projects, Adande’s research and development team continually extends the range of products that use the core, groundbreaking technology.

The company is also working on a range of technologies applicable to the refrigerated retail display market which will eliminate “cold aisle syndrome”, saving up to 50% of energy usage whilst still offering easy access to the products on display.

Adande has licensed the patent protected refrigerated drawer technology to global manufacturing and marketing partners in selected markets and we would be interested in hearing from any companies able to work with us to achieve our goal of global coverage.

Adande Board

The Adande Board is comprised of individuals of extensive business experience.

Executive Chairman and CEO - Nigel Bell

A graduate engineer Nigel spent most of his 30 year career with Shell in commercial and general management roles running several businesses in different parts of the world. He also helped to form and worked as Marketing Vice President joint venture between Shell and ExxonMobil in the fuel and lube additives market called Infineum.

He has a lot of experience with research led businesses and in managing IP and licensing. Nigel moved into a portfolio career in 2006 working with private equity investors. He was Chairman of Prosonix Ltd a small venture backed chemical processing technology licensing business where he worked with the management team, Nova Capital and Coller Capital to achieve strategic change and led a £5m funding round. Nigel joined Adande in 2008 and is closely involved in all areas of the business both in The UK and overseas.

Managing Director - Ian Wood

Ian is an engineer and inventor who is responsible for Adande's breakthrough technologies.  Ran Adande as an Engineering Consultancy from 1982 to 2001, providing engineering solutions for a range of customers, predominantly in the offshore industry. Since Ian was joined by the remainder of the management team he has been responsible for each of Adande's inventions and for presenting opportunities to customers and licensees. He also manages the company's base in Lowestoft, together with George Young.

Engineering Director - George Young

Works with customers and development partners on projects, George a Design Engineer has worked in industry since 1964. Over that period George has developed management skills that include planning, labour relations, cost control, material/equipment procurement and quality assurance/control. Performs these functions for Adande. George joined Adande in 1992.

Finance Adviser - Bill Wallace-King

The company Accountant, has steered the finance and accounting functions of the business since inception

Legal Adviser- Andrew Cooper

Managing partner of Greene & Greene, solicitors in Bury St Edmunds. 

UK Sales Director - Karl Hodgson

Well known to UK Foodservice, Karl brings some 20+ years of catering equipment knowledge and industry experience to build a Sales Team covering the UK market.

International Sales Director - Paul Harper

Paul Harper was appointed International Sales Director in 2013 to oversee opportunities and relationships in the Middle East, Asia-Pacific rim and southern hemisphere.

Non Executive Directors

Tim Barker

Has been very successful with his own information technology company and other ventures and is now a serial investor in carefully selected IP related technology companies.

Jeff Archer

An Economics and Marketing graduate, Jeff founded M&J Seafoods, a distributor to UK caterers, exiting via a trade sale to Brake Bros Plc in 2000 - by which time revenues were £80 million per annum. Since then he has become an active angel investor in various private companies, including Adande, with a high technical content. Jeff joined the Board in Early 2009.

Adande Sales (UK)

Karl Hodgson - Sales Director UK

Responsible for the Adande Sales Team 

To contact Karl please call 07805 087220 or email: karlh@adande.com

Ben Aird - National Account Manager

Pioneering new national accounts and nurturing existing ones.

To contact Ben please call 07780 677450 or email: baird@adande.com

James Kershaw - National Account Manager

Pioneering new national accounts and nurturing existing ones.

To contact James please call 07854 114370 or email: james.kershaw@adande.com

Robert Cox – Regional Sales Manager

Responsible for sales across the North, Midlands and Scotland.

To contact Robert, please call 07787818083 or email: robert.cox@adande.com

Matt Fewins - Regional Sales Manager

Responsible for sales across the following counties: Oxfordshire - Northamptonshire - North Buckinghamshire - Bedfordshire - Hertfordshire - Greater London (within the M25 and North of the Thames) Essex - Cambridgeshire - Suffolk & Norfolk

To contact Matt Fewins, please call 07342 887693 or email: matt.fewins@adande.com

Jan Quilliam – Business Development Manager

South West, South Wales, Warwickshire, Worcester, Gloucestershire

To contact Jan, please call 07901 108885 or email: janq@adande.com

Adande Sales (International)

Martin Dronkers - International Sales Manager

Covering mainland Europe and the Middle East

To contact Martin please call 07833 248354 or email: martin.dronkers@adande.com


Doug Scully (C.F.S.P) - International Sales Manager 

Covering Asia Pacific regions

To contact Doug please call +61 401 981214 or email: doug.scully@adande.com


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